There's A Church Drama Workshop Coming To Your Area Learn:
Costume making: See a demonstration of costume making for church plays, including biblical period costumes. Get tips on securing, storing and managing costumes for your performances.
Spoken Word
(Rap and Poetry):
Learn how to use the Spoken Word, Rap and Poetry in your youth ministries. Get information about the Do's and Don'ts of this exciting new performing arts resource for the church.
Liturgical Dance: Learn how to improve your liturgical dance ministry. Enjoy a presentation that demonstrates choreography technique, appropriate dress for church settings, music selection and many other topics.
Staging, Casting
and Directing:
Learn how to stage plays in the often limited space available in most churches and in larger venues. Get information about lighting, casting and directing plays for church congregations.
Play Writing: Participate in a play writing workshop and actually write a one act play to take home with you as a part of the workshop session. Learn about plotting, theme, characterizations and much more in this workshop.
Youth Ministry Ideas: In fast moving, Power Point driven session, get a battery of new ideas for your youth department that range from retreat ideas, learning opportunities and other bible based youth activities designed to electrify your youth program.

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